Huge energy can be extracted inexhaustibly from Gravity !

Such an incredible things mostly would be concluded as just a dream, scientific ignorance, a fake, or even a scam, such those suspicious. Certainly, such a “miraculous effect” may not to be acknowledged as a favorable “miracle” instantly in general feeling. However, as for historical fact, unexpectedly miracle could be happen quite often and that’s why the era of human history had been dramatically changed and shifted frequently in the fact, and will shift to the new era by the new miracle.

The extremely strong atmospheric shield of earth is formed by the fact that even very light air is strongly drawn to the ground by the gravity, and the air pressure exerted on sea level is ten times that of water pressure. If thousands of tons of heavy rain falls, definitely the same amount of water is to be sucked up to the sky at other time on different place, and even about 400 tons of heavy airplane can rise up to 10,000 meters high in just about10 minutes. Such those incredible amplification effects of potential energy which is beyond of general physical theory is occurring in the simple weight balance and little change of strong air pressure all by the gravity and its of the spontaneous relative harmonizing power as the matter of the fact. So it should be not called a miracle system but just simply fact that might be no one had ever challenged to extract energy from gravity to directly exchange to “torque energy” in serious before.

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Gravity Wave Reactor Engine

Energy Source is Gravity & Time : Realization of “Time is Money”

Singularity of Energy Supply

Leads to New Era & New Affluent Economic Society

General Thermal Power Generation

Present World Major Electricity Generation & Supply System

Gravity Wave Engine (Generator)

New Energy Source / New Engine System (Discovery)

Discovery of Energy Resources / Intensifying conflict over interests

Development & Operation of Mass Producing Refined Fuels

Development & Operation of Transportation System

Development & Operation of Bigger Scale of Steam Engine Facilities


High Temperature > Heat Exchange (Heat Loss)

High Steam Pressure > Pressure Exchange (Pressure Loss)

Pressure Power > Torque Exchange (Torque Loss)

Torque > To Rotate generator (Mechanical Friction Loss)

Generating Electricity at Generator (Flux Loss)



Distribution Facilities

Electricity Supply

Absorbing Gravitational Acceleration (Power Source)

Self-Amplified Torque Power


Electricity or Torque Drive Power Supply

Supplying essential power for modern electronically controlled society

Energy Resource Effective Utilization Rate

(Actual Consumed Calories vs Fuel’s Calories)

Less than 10%

Factors: Many losses in combustion process and every process in every facilities

Main Loss: Accumulated idling time; Electricity cannot be stored in large quantities, and electricity is always generated and transmitted in excess of the actual demand for stable supply within the maximum instantaneous demand, which means that there is an overwhelming amount of idling time(wasteful empty fire).

Energy Resource Effective Utilization Rate

(Output Energy vs Input Energy)

More than 2000 % per hour

(Amplification ratio powered by Gravitational Acceleration)

Factors: Gravity (g: 9.8m/s^2) is Universal, there is no concept or element of idling and theoretically 6000% of amplification per hour is possible in the ideal condition.

Loss Factors: Mechanical friction losses of rotating shafts and gears / Dielectric Efficiency of The Generator.


Limitless Possibilities to rise up much more The Amplification Ratio synergistically as other dimension due to Analogical Flux Space-Time Control Technology as its advancing hereafter.

Merits & Demerits


High instantaneous energy output possible
Generate huge demand for capital investment and employment


Huge capital investments such as building many of advanced processing facilities and systems are required.
Huge operation costs are required for safety and sustainability.
More than 90% of the energy losses in the total generating process such as waste heat at the combustion process are directly impact to natural environment.

Ideology & Reality for Energy Issue

Fire Power = Most Reliable & Stable Energy Power (firm belief)

Higher Temperature&Speed in The Combustion Process = Stabilizing Economic Society

Enhancing firepower (nuclear shift) = Enhancing foundation for economic development = Synergistic increase in waste heat = Impact to Natural Environments = Increasing fatal risks

Merits & Demerits


No fuel is required, and gravity, which is free and inexhaustible, can be used as a source of power.
Compared to thermal power generation, it is the complete opposite of the conventional type that rotates at high speeds due to explosively high temperatures. This gravity reacting system has a structure that self-amplifies the heavy torque of extremely low speed rotations at normal temperatures. It is safe, easy to handle, has no any harmful emission at all, and is semi-permanent operation possible.
No huge initial investment required, easy manufacturing and installation according to demand, flexible scale-up and scale-out possible.
No impact on the natural environment such as waste heat, CO2 emissions, or harmful substance emissions.
Create many jobs as a new business model


It is impossible to generate explosive energy instantaneously.
This is the complete opposite of the current complex ideology of high-tech supremacy, and for better or worse, completely changing the current sense of values in the world could cause huge impact to present various interests.

The Final Option to choose

No need to believe or understand at all.

You will surely know if you can see the fact.

Besides  you can make it your self and confirm. (refer to Proof)

We as a company can just provide

The Best Technology of it.

The New Dimensional Technology

The Most Simple Model of Torque Energy Generating & Amplified Mechanism

Principle of Wave Motive

The movement of all matter on earth is based on wave-like motion.

The important point of generating power from Gravity is the timing and weight balance on the wave just like surfing

Flux Capacitor Warp Turbine System Generator

powered by Gravity Wave Motive Engine Technology

  • In this quite unique turbine system, heavy stable torque is generated to rotate generator in whole range of 360 degree slowly as absorbing gravity acceleration by continuing supply light pressure as a trigger to control bias of water flux weight.
  • All the movements are reacting smoothly relative every counter movement that is amplified by gravity leverage and it enables to generate incredible significant torque energy by extremely light trigger.
  • Absorbing gravity acceleration perfectly means relative speed going up limitlessly and that means the energy is continued to be increased by the square of its velocity as well.
  • The fundamental technical theory is too complicated to analyze with any mathematics or even hyper quantum computer because it must add much complex analog time axis on the calculating process which means different dimension. But contrary the physical structure is quite simple and very easy to scale up or scale out, and never happen to serious accident or fatal problem, and other much even better is that bigger scale makes even more simplifying the structure components.
  • Increasing the diameter of the turbine core synergistically increases circumferential speed and torque, eliminating the need for an acceleration gear to rotate the generator, further increasing power generation efficiency.

  • Trigger pump energy consumption: 1.5W/h (watt meter value / not supplied from system feedback / Power source: General AC100V 50Hz)
  • Output Torque: 3.6 kg*cm (actual data)
  • Rotational Speed: 0.8 rpm (actual data)
  • Torque Energy: 0.03Ws : 105W/h (calculated from actual)
  • Actual Generated Electricity: 2V * 5mA : 0.01Ws : 36W/h
  • Mechanical friction loss of acceleration gear: over 60%

If the trigger power (1.5W/h) is to be Input Energy, The Output power energy is to be 105W/h at the actual Torque Energy Value, 36W/h at the actual Electrical Energy Value, either way the energy has been amplified by well over severral dozen times actually. But in the fact, the energy was not to be amplified but it is as the result that gravity wave motives increasing torque significantly by the chain reaction of that drive system.

The mysterious phenomenon that the pump’s energy consumption raise to 2.2W/h from 1.5W/h after taking connection tube off in spite of released from load of pumping up, the factor is that the pump was exposed much stronger pressure of atmospheric at that moment. And the energy for pumping up of water is spread to horizontal direction and forced to consume more energy to move more amount of water to follow direction of gravity instead of lifting of water. This phenomenon proofs that relative pressure balance can effect contrary for present three dimensional physical energy calculation.

The Simple Scale Out Model

  • Trigger pump energy consumption: 6.6W/h (watt meter value / not supplied from system feedback / Power source: General AC100V 50Hz)
  • Total Output Torque: 3.6 kg*cm * 3 cores : 108 kg*cm (actual data)
  • Rotational Speed (all cores): 0.8 rpm (actual data)
  • Total Torque Energy: 0.03Ws * 3 cores: 324W/h (calculated from actual)
  • Actual Generated Electricity: 2V * 5mA * 3 cores : 108W/h

Although the extremely simple connection method increases the power consumption of the trigger energy, it generates an amazing torque energy from an extremely small amount of potential energy (a small amount of water falling from above at only 35cc/sec).

Just by looking at the operation of the video, it can be seen that an amazing amount of energy is being generated, and at the same time the incredible result has been proven on physical calculation.

Reason for advantage of using nuclear is that

the output energy can exceed by 1.5 times than input energy

Although, in the fact that the output energy is exceeded even 1% of the input energy is on the same level as the miracle of God, which means that energy can be amplified and created forever, it is considered as a justifiable logic. And most people think that it cannot be helped to use it, even if there should be some fatal risks or many of obvious damages. This may be natural thought if there were no alternative energy source to maintain human economic society. But it should never be forgotten that such radioactive material resource as the input energy is not created inexhaustibly at all, but very expensive, extremely dangerous and it does not pay off at all economically in the whole handling operation in use.

However, even then, based on the “law of conservation of energy”, you probably wouldn’t even want to know about the existence of The Gravity Wave Engine with performance that far exceeds that. And it may be inevitable natural thought. This is because even the inventor of this engine had unilaterally denied the existence of such an impossible and questionable mechanism with a sense of hostility until conducted this simple experiments and precisely analyzed its actual results (refer to proof) based on same law of theory. And as a very shocking real that the actual proofs had proven that present human’s science & technologies are not so advanced and learned almost nothing from primitive Law of Nature in quite normal day life for a very long time.

If you could have found that we’re wrong and as it just a trick, then you should criticize with actual substantial correct theory and sue us. Because this is as a human’s mandatory responsible about such a very critical matter in such a present critical situation. Escaping reality and postponing problems is as same as increasing the worst sin against your children and for your own bright future as well. We never intend to talk of “Dreaming Story” with beautiful words to escape reality.

Practical Applied Product Model


Output Energy1.4 kWs
Output Energy cumulative amount5.1 MW/h
Input SourceGravity
CO2 Emission0
Heat Emission0


Output Energy34 kWs
Output Energy cumulative amount122 MW/h
Input SourceGravity
CO2 Emission0
Heat Emission0

Cargo Container Model


Output Energy2.6 kWs
Output Energy cumulative amount9.3 MW/h
Input SourceGravity
CO2 Emission0
Heat Emission0

Mobil Instant Power Plant


Output EnergyLimitless
Output Energy cumulative amountLimitless
Input SourceGravity
CO2 Emission0
Heat Emission0

For Anyone / Anywhere / Anytime

Huge & Clean Energy on demand

Not required followings

  • Fuels / Artificial Energy Sources
  • Restriction to place (even available on ocean / mountain / under basement / forest / jungle /desert)
  • Special facility / big construction to install
  • Operation labor / high skill to control
  • Often maintenance (inside core is completely maintenance free)
  • Natural disaster countermeasures

Expected “Price” of the product or “Cost” of the manufacturing

The Price or Cost is all depends on following factors;

  • Business Model / Purpose of Use / Manufacturing Style / Quantity of production / Design of Final Product / Place of installing Environment / Materials of the Parts / Composing methods / etc
  • In accordance with the business model, adequate considerations for Manufacture’s Margin / Product Dealer’s Margin / Service Dealer’s Margin / Service Model (Products Sals / Electricity Service / Lease Service) shall be required.
  • Depending on the above factors, the product unit price and manufacturing unit price will be vary slightly depending on the assembly process design and production system. However, this technology’s physical principle is analogically quite complex, but the physical structure is quite simple and it does not depends fundamentally on complex Hi-Tech controlling system or expensive materials in manufacturing and operation process. And it will be discovered further more many of epochal factors (invention) to enable to decrease the cost in that product development, but unless special requirement or usage coming up no elements to increase cost.
  • Anyway, if you confirm with your eyes by your self that this system actually works generating electricity from “gravity as power source”, you will know such those initial cost or manufacturing cost does not worth to talk about. And you will know what the most important matter is. It is “Time”. Because the time (gravitational acceleration) creates valuable clean and stable energy on demand from “zero calorie” and realize carbon neutral society at same time in this system.

It is The Engine that generates powerful infinite “Drive Power”

This Engine System can apply not only electrical generator but also various motive engines in various fields and types, except needed explosive speed of motive.

In the process of extracting huge torque energy, The Gravity Wave Engine is that creates a flow of water that sucks in a large amount of seawater from the front and discharges it to the rear, thereby creating a powerful ship’s propulsion force and at the same time being able to generate a large amount of power.

The larger the displacement of a ship, the higher the air pressure and water pressure will naturally be generated, and the more electricity can be generated.

Hydrogen fuel is attracting attention as a next-generation fuel as it is carbon neutral and can generate explosive power energy equal to or greater than that of gasoline engines, but a huge amount of electricity is required to generate hydrogen fuel. As a result, there is no prospect of its widespread use. However, if the electricity is to be generated by the Gravity Wave Engine, that problem can be easily solved.

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