Beware of “Fake” and “Fraudulent” Systems

We would express an announcement to the caution for the “fake” and “fraudulent systems” called “Free Energy System”, “Liberty Engine” or such similar “infinite generating systems” mentioned below.
Such those are expressed to appeal that their special system allows that easily generate electricity limitlessly due to their own special technology by using permanent magnetic with special magnetic field design.
It is exactly same as our “Gravity Wave Engine” in the point of view of incredible miraculous effect that it can generate electricity  or torque energy inexhaustibly. However it’s completely nonsense such that limitless energy continued to be amplified in the electric functional components with among such just motive motor connecting to generating motor, such those kinds are an extremely childish level of illusion.
We are sure that the their system is definitely fake and is probably based on stale fraudulent practices to gain number of views or followers. It would be a very nuisance for us to be compared or misunderstood with our true Real Infinite Gravity Wave Engine that it enables to bring huge merits to all societies whole world in reality against such banal fake system, so we would make a clear statement for such that fakes.


The “rotating power force” of an electric motor and the “inductive force (power generation)” of a generator all depends on electromagnetic force of relative “attractive force” and “repulsive force” generated through the electromagnetic coil by invertor electricity.
In other words, with no factors to added power or force from outside, it can never output rotational power energy that exceeds with the electrical input power, and it can never output electric energy that exceeds the input rotational power.
Even if a strong permanent magnet to be composed into automobile’s alternator-type generator that does not use permanent magnets, the power generation efficiency might increase to some extent, but It is never possible that the relative attractive and repulsive forces would be many times greater.
Additionally, if the power consumption on the output side increases, the torque load to generate will inevitably increase synergistically, so there is no way in that system structure that the rotation speed of the motor on the driving side can be kept constant without torque converter actually.

Since it would be just wasting time for anyone with some knowledge of electricity or physics to point out such a trite level of fake and no merit to interpret correct logic with technical terminology but just troublesome. And such very mysterious and attractive impression at glance like this video gathers attention of people who aren’t familiar with science, will be advancing and produced new fakes increasingly coming up as the tools of making profits by increasing the number of views or followers. 

Even an emeritus professor at a famous national university that has produced several Nobel Prize winners caused a stir by announcing a fake energy amplification device (Dream Fuel) that was obviously fraudulent, but there were many contradictions in the principle fundamentally. As the result that many of false claims have been revealed that are not reproducible, and both the person himself and those around him are in a very troubled situation. Consequently, it was indeed just a “dream” and have become nightmare for whom involved people who believed in that.

Probably, such person having high expertise and authorized high ranked on the field, because of the load of that authority, drives them upset to show a worthy achievement to the authority, escape from reality, fabricate great accomplishment without malice by the outstanding complicated own theories.
This kind of loss of authority is very typical and quite often to occur in any field and in any society. However the most sinful thing is that no one has got any benefits as a result, and not just wasting time but also increasing negative factors for challenging to make something new.

For a long time, there have been many lies and fraudulent practices surrounding inventions and new systems related to new energy. Nowadays, with the energy crisis being called out, that number of case is likely to increase further. In any case, regarding to new energy resource may bring huge interests and risks to be involved conflict of interests as well at same time, so it shall be needed to be careful. However, if doing nothing in afraid of new things, no grow or evolve. And regardless of science or liberal arts, the criteria for judgment are simple and clear, and it’s all about “reproducibility” and “fair evaluation of results.” If you’re interested, the question is whether or not you actually check that yourself.

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