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“The Law of Conservation of Energy”

By throwing away the prejudices of present modern scientific-technological theory and looking at the reality of the primitive “law of nature” which is full of energy creation, it is allowed to find out uncountable simple methods to obtain free energy by using gravity.
The key is the “Anti-Gravity Vector” that spontaneous relatively effects harmonizing power to the gravity which is that the huge power not been even recognized the existence at all ever before. And the matter is using what with and how to bring the amplification chain effects from movements of natural weight balance by the gravity and that anti-gravity force.

Method 1 : Increases Lifting Power Energy


Generates the power to lift heavy objects with a very small force by leveraging counter balancing force of atmospheric pressure (the super strong pressure that gravity presses the atmosphere onto the ground; over 10 tons per square meter)

A pump with a small output (power consumption) that generates a very small air pressure to bubbling into the shallow water for aquarium is used to lift a weight that is physically to be absolutely impossible mechanically.

As it is showing in the video, several kilograms of water is lifted by an obviously quite small sucking air pressure of just a few grams, and by holding that air pressure, it maintains to be lifted the water, and by just releasing air pressure, it is calmly down the water level. This movement is clearly proofing that not the force generated by this pump, but cause of extremely simple principle and mechanism that can utilize gravity and the reaction of gravity as it is not required to explain with precise physical calculation.

Method 2 : Chain Reaction of Syphon phenomena


Syphon phenomena is already well known as a mysterious phenomenon from long years ago, but not so known it that can occur the chain reaction.

The syphon phenomena is a convenient natural phenomenon that has been used in a wide variety of industries and daily life since ancient time, and allows the movement of large amounts of fluid easily without requiring any heavy efforts. Strangely, it has never been recognized that the syphon phenomenon has an engine function that clearly moves objects.

It is true that a single syphon phenomena only works to equalize the input water level and the output water level, so even if pumping energy is generated during that time, the element of energy amplification is extremely small, and no one has noticed about that.

However, as the video showing that it is to be able to bring chain reactions of the phenomena by the very simple piping structure and has enough space to extract water falling energy in each the chambers.

Furthermore, as it increases the number of chambers in the syphon to be inevitably increased the amount of energy extracted but since the potential energy recovery load of pumping up to the starting level of water from the end of the water level is constant, and it is obvious that the potential energy to be multiplied by numbers of chambers. and it proofs that compound interest can be used. As for the concrete model is to be shown at Method 4.

Method 3 : Boosted up lifting energy by Anti-Gravity Force & Great Discovery of Simplest Method to Generating Electricity far exceeding Nuclear

Maybe the simplest and most useful discovery in human history


As for method 1, proves that strong lifting energy can be obtained by using tiny air pressure and the reaction of strong atmospheric pressure, this principle is on the same principle by using a little powerful water pump generates boosting power up more efficiently and it is to be able to create big energy in simpler and much practical. This principle proves clearly that potential energy can be amplified inexhaustibly by utilizing the reaction of gravity.

As the video is showing at the beginning that using pump that consumes about 30 watts per hour and generate water flow to be raising the water into the air about 10-20cm high.

And after by the connecting tube leading up to a container which is put on 1 meter high, the water is to be pumped up to the container about 3 littles per minute.

That the phenomenon seems to be quite normal in general conscious, however even such a simple actual phenomenon should never has been happen in accordance with the law of conservation of energy and it is to be already violating that the strict law significantly.

That is because according to the absolute definitions of physical energy calculating is when an object with a mass (weight) of 1 kg is placed at a height of 1 meter, the potential energy must be 9.8 watts approximately 10 watts.

In another words, it means 30 watt of energy was generated in one minute by running the pump which’s energy consumption is 30 Watts per hour. And if let the pump running for an hour, 1800 watts (30 watts per minute times 60 minutes) is to be created and that is far exceed of that the law.

However, similar to the principle of Method 1, the amplified potential energy is not generated solely by the output of the pump, but the counter reaction caused by the powerful atmospheric pressure accounts for 90% of the energy creation. The reason for this is that the relative pressure difference between atmospheric pressure and water pressure is simply 10:1. The mass of 1 m3 water’s pressure is 1 ton/m2 versus that the regular atmospheric pressure is 10 tons/m2. That simple substantial power balance mechanism is easy to understand if referring to Pascal’s theorem.

Therefore, according to the established physical theory of fluid pressure power balance which is regardless of the law of conservation of energy, by just connecting simple tube or pipe to the up direction and if the lift height is 1 meter or less and under the normal atmospheric pressure, the lifting pressure is to be increased more than10 times in the leverage effect.

Living things on the ground normally live in an environment of atmospheric pressure, which is overwhelmingly stronger than water pressure, so even we as human have not been well recognized the existence yet, and not well utilizing this beneficial and powerful anti-gravity force.

In taking advantage of these quite simple, substantial and primitive principles leads to find various other methodologies to generate unlimited potential energy.

The rest of issue is figuring out how to install as many as possible of hydroelectric generators within the as lower as possible theoretically less than 10 meters practically less than 3 meters of the lifting height. Or to make it possible to generate as much as possible of torque energy to be exchanged from that gained potential energy to be able to rotate generator efficiently within the same range as well.

Method 4 : Hydroelectric Generation in multi Chain Reactions of Syphon phenomena


As described above the method 2, it is installing generator turbine in the chain reacting of syphon system.

As the video is showing, in comparison with the Method 3 that it is using one turbine generator, this can install three of same of it in under one third of the lifting height and the total generated energy is simply about tripled without any adding energy sources.

Method 5: Flux Capacitor Warp Turbine System


This system is reasonably composed into a compact unit with all the positive features of all the methodologies described above.

However, this system’s principle of the mechanism is not easy to explain due to using multi dimensional relative theories to compose into simple physical structure.

This explanations is described on the top page of our this corporate site.

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