About us

Corporate Profile

Company Name: Naturedyne Inc. (ネイチャーダイン株式会社)

Web site address: https://naturedyne.com

Established: 2016/03/18

CEO: Keiichi Nakajima (中島 啓一)

Address: 1-38-2, Sekiguchi, Bunkyo-ku, 112-0014, Tokyo, Japan

Contact: ———

Sorry, not well come for any contacts or access without prior appointment or special reason due to our security protocol.

Appointment can make by “post mail” or participating private seminar.

<< Remarks >>

Please do not make any contacts such as sales purpose email/telephone, through Docusign, Voicemail, offering human resources service and inducements to on line meeting. We do not respond to such irrational and meaningless contacts.

Corporate History

Please refer to facebook corporate site: https://www.facebook.com/naturedyne

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