The Primitive Advanced Technology

Definition of advancing

Today’s technology, known as high tech, is made up of complex combinations of extremely complex structures and ultra-fine precision functional elements. The more complex the elements of these, the more advanced and sophisticated the technology is considered as advanced.
It is obvious that the more complexity increases synergistically in such the trend, the system becomes to more difficult to maintain and operate, the more effort and wasted energy and it bring another new extra operation to the operation and extra demands for energy in spiral.
The most of scientists or technical engineers are naturally trying to continue to develop more complex system to increase their own benefits and demands to develop and to put higher the authority in the severe competitive field.
However, needless to say that there is no advancements at all in that situation and that trend, not only unreasonable but also does it hinder productivity, but it also closes off the path to evolution, and even the remained a little opportunities to recovery.

The most serious problem is to not facing the serious reality, escaping from the reality and irresponsibly postponing the problem with using beautiful words of dreams, and doing nothing. And in such a situation, even if there is a breakthrough solution, it may not be perceived and listen to.

However, if we try to recognize the “definition of advance” at the very least, will become aware of the “purpose” of its efforts for evolution, will search for a concrete path to that purpose, shall be the first step of advance.

Rial Relative Reacting Theory

All movements and changes in this real world are always made up of a balance of positive and negative, and once that balance is disrupted, it becomes greatly biased, but that bias does not last forever, and there is always a force that counters it. As a result, it becomes a wave-like movement, and anyone can understand that if it is continued to be given small triggers to the wave to increase resonant movement, the energy of the wave will be amplified that is a natural phenomenon.
To explain it more simply, as an actual physical phenomenon, all movements are based on relative relationships, and there is a time difference between the movements in that relative relationship. And in the calculation based on the law of conservation of energy which is not considered actual time axis, that amount of time difference accumulated on “compound interest” and the result is that the energy is amplified. Output energy exceeding input energy by even 1% was thought to be possible only with through nuclear reactions.
But this technology realizes that using the relative fluid wave motion of gravity bias of water and air in a normal atmosphere, no any chemical reaction, no using heat, generates heavy torque by gravity efficiently and it amplify energy as rotary motive significantly at same time.

In other words, this theory proves with actual facts and facts that it is far more advanced than all previous theories of relativity.

Furthermore, it could have been proven that the great Einstein’s representative theory “e=mc^2” is also incomplete, and that the correct theory is “e=mc^2t”.

Is it guilty that new theory breaks a law of conservation of energy?

It is a well-known story that Galileo Galilei was tried in the Inquisition for preaching the heliocentric theory of reality, but he had been judged guilty of unreasonableness and ignored for a long time while his rest of life. The system engine, which’s output energy easily exceeds the input energy by over tens of times never be existed in a law of conservation of energy and it shall be denied otherwise most of the present physical theories and authorities will not be able to maintain as it is so far.  And shall this system be treated same as Galileo Galilei’s case?

If such a trial were to be held, it would be very very welcome. This is because a reproduction/demonstration system already exists that can clearly prove that this technology strictly follows the law of conservation of energy and just extracted from the most powerful and infinite energy on earth to create energy. And it would be a good opportunity to publish that world widely.


Existing of Earth is The Miracle

Existing earth itself is miracle. In comparison with the miracle, the gravity wave engine is just extremely tiny and simple natural phenomenon to use. But because of its simplicity, it is extremely easy to spread and expand, and it is extremely effective in improving the global environment. On the contrary, nuclear power, which is complex and dangerous, will destroy the miracle of the earth, and complex virtual technologies will destroy human’s mind and actual economical societies too. We must not turn our eyes away from the truth and reality.

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