Corporate Service

Private Seminar

(The registration of apply in this season have been end)

  • Technology briefings
  • Proving demonstrations
  • Discussions for business cooperation


  • This is a paid service, so we will provide you with a quote depending on the details of your application and your requests.
  • The reception will end as soon as the capacity is reached or the consulting service slots are filled without prior notice.
  • Not only for potential cooperating companies, mass media interviews, financial or venture capital companies and regardless of position, anyone interested in this technology, please apply from here.
  • Please be aware that even if we receive your request, we may not be able to respond immediately or may refuse your request without specifying the reason due to avoid pointless controversy.

<Not available now>

Consulting Service

  • Technology provision
    • Provisioning super analog technologies and know-how that is extremely unique and cannot be imitated or copied.
  • System engineering assist
    • Assistance in basic design and construction of the optimal system configuration according to the purpose and location of use
  • Product development assist
    • Assistance in manufacturing process design and construction for mass production
  • Business development assist
    • Assistance to build profitable business model with the technologies so that every companies which we made contract with perspectively can make a good profit to bring another bigger profits as chain-reaction and it allows that improves the global environment at same time


  • This service is available only for some of the companies which can understand and be accordance with our policy for the business using those technologies.
  • Not available for personal interest or science academic organization, purpose of analyzing or ranking authorities.


  • Patent technology managements
  • Licens management

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