Prior Confirmation

Prior to request to hold the seminar, please confirm the following subjects;

  1. It is strongly recommended to be attend some participants at least more than one person who has basic physics knowledge (basic theoretical knowledge of Newton, Pascal, Watt, Tesla, etc.) and that person is recommended to watch the proving video on our website in advance, and so that it would be able to surely make referable technical point clear for other participants to understand or evaluate the worth of our technologies at the actual demonstration site in the seminar objectively.
  2. Basically, the content of one seminar is approximately “2 to 3 hours”, with Q&A, including technical explanation, proving demonstration, business model proposal, etc. and the place to be held is our designated metropolitan area in Tokyo 23 words.
  3. The presenter is the inventor of this technology, and his native language is Japanese, normally explained in Japanese, so if a clear and accurate technical explanation in English is required, it would be recommended an interpreter who is good at scientific interpretation shall be attended by participant side.
  4. The capacity of the numbers of participant per a seminar shall be more than 3 less than 18 people as maximum.
  5. The applicant, as a representative of all participants participating in this seminar, shall be able to identify and vouch for the identity of all the participants, take the responsible.
  6. The seminar holding fee is currently JP¥1,500,000 as minimum as basic regardless of the number of participants but the price may be added some costs cause of following cases.
  7. If a participant wishes to bring their own test kit or measuring device and measure the data at the site, we will generally be happy to accept such requests, but it requires time, some preparations and confirmations if they are safe and accurate, and also it requires pledge and guarantee not destroy or bad influence to the our demonstration system as well, so we have to estimate additional costs for that additional request.
  8. As those above reasons, if we receive your application, it will take time to submit you a quotation within about one week. but price on the issued quotation shall not be changed unless additional request from applicant side in the validity of the quotation. But if we cannot confirm your payment in the due date, automatically the quotation will become invalid and reserved slot to be all released.
  9. In case that numbers of request should be very large and become tight schedule, and correspondence to secure safe and not uncomfortable place to be held become hard, the basic price may rise to suitable price or the reception will be stopped without any prior notice.
  10. As for very important matter at last, as even though it is after confirmed your payment or even just before to hold the seminar, in case that security risks cannot be eliminated or discovered the person in the attendants who is clearly conflict interest to us, we may be able to unilaterally cancel all. Even In that case, that the compensation shall be settled all about by refund the amount you paid completely, and we are not to be own any responsible for detail explanation and any other compensation.

On the keenest confirmation, and kind understand for those above subjects, Please open the application form and proceed.

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