Date: 2024/02/02


Press released in domestic media (PR Times) on 2024/02/01 ; 

Developed a “Gravity Wave Engine”, an energy amplification device that far surpasses “nuclear reaction”. 

Naturedyne Inc. (Head office: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Keiichi Nakajima, hereinafter referred to as ND) succeeded in developing a “Gravity Wave Engine” which is allows to generate limitless electricity with an amplification factor far higher than “nuclear reaction”. That new mechanism also allows that the engine is to be enabled to generate stable and heavy torque driving by the gravity that largest and strongest “inexhaustible force” on earth, composed into the standalone compact system unit.   

Needless to say that this shall be “unbelievable singular technology” that significantly influences present fundamental of economy whole world and it is far beyond permissible range of recognition or understanding at sight of present cutting edge technology’s view. And it also contains many elements that would refute many of the hypotheses and research and development achievements so far that have been praised by relevant industrial and academic authorities as well. Therefore, regardless of whether it is positive or negative, it is expected that there will be many questions and irresponsible requests for proof based on one-sided values, theories, or conditions limitlessly.  

However, ND has the experience of spending many of time in vain just explaining its functions every time an incredible new mechanism has been invented.  But since the system has clear numerical results, specific principles and reproducible proving devices at the site, any questions or discussions could be pointless and wasting time unless the potential business stakeholders themselves confirm this “unbelievable fact”. We have come to known that it could just not only a waste of time, but also that we will lose the mutual benefits and opportunities that could have an enormous loss that originally been gained through this technology. And we announce that we would hold a “technical seminar” to reproduce this phenomenon and business discussion by the respective request which has clear purpose. 

The details of The Gravity Wave Engine are published on the ND’s website:  

Nowadays, the use of “fossil fuels” such as coal and oil, which have supported economic development to date, is considered a “sinful and harmful resource” that emits “CO2″, which is considered the root of all evils in the serious global warming problem.  And the energy industry is in “major turning point” that could even lead to war, and no matter how unreasonable or wasteful it may be, it forces to shift to “renewable energy generation” such as solar/wind/hydroelectric and there is “nuclear power generation” included as well in that at very behind like it’s hidden.  

Behind such the scenes of flashy campaigns with large costs to reduce CO2 emissions around the world, much larger amounts of money are constantly spending on nuclear development such as extremely dangerous enriched uranium, fast breeder reactors, cool temperature fusion reactors, and micro fusion reactors.  However, now the reality is that nuclear development is the only substantial option for energy resources for future before we know it because other options like solar/wind/hydro is never so stable to cope with growing demand and no profitable to invest. (there have already no choice at the fact)

In response to these circumstances, ND clearly appeals as taking responsibility for the fact that “gravity wave engines” are overwhelmingly safer and cheaper than “nuclear energy” and can serve as an alternative energy source to “fossil fuels”. At first glance, the gravity wave engine configuration looks like hydroelectric power generation, and it can be called much advanced model of it. But in conventional hydroelectric, the gravity is used for increasing water pressure to rotate heavy and sturdy multi-blade turbine to rotate generator at high speed to gain high voltage. However, Gravity Wave Engine works totally different mechanism of the way of using the gravity to the conventional. 

In the gravity wave engine, the warp turbine system that it has unique mechanism, and it absorbs all the “gravitational acceleration” of the inflowing its water’s weight and continues to generate a rotating of slowly & powerful torque like by stoping the time in that an effect of “relative compound interest chain reaction” of extremely small amount of water flowing generates drive power as it self as an engine.

If the amount of energy generated by this method is calculated based on the “law of conservation of energy,” by absorbing all the gravitational acceleration, the “relative velocity” will increase infinitely over time. And since the real energy is equal to times of the square of the speed increase per unit time, a huge amount of energy can be amplified as a result. 

In addition, we as Japanese well be aware of that Japan is the only country in the world to have been exposed to atomic bombs and suffered an unprecedented nuclear power plant accident in Fukushima, and all shall know about the serious risks and damages of the nuclear.  Even for now actually tens of trillions of yen for just a safety measures costs for current existing 57 nuclear reactors are being added on taxes and electricity bills and forced the heavy load without any questions.  

Therefore, if in spite of that its government knows that there are alternative better options for energy except nuclear without any verification of its effectiveness, keeps promoting nuclear development with huge costs and If this continues on purpose, serious suspicion of an act of fraud committing. And the government will forever be held responsible for compensation, and all domestic companies and the public will have rights to pursue its responsibility at same time. 

Furthermore, the appealed reason for “advantage” of using nuclear power above all is that the output energy can exceed 1.5 times (150%) the input energy. Indeed, if the output energy exceeds the input energy by even 1%, it is on the same level as God’s miracle (perpetual motion machine), and it means that energy can be amplified and created forever, and there may be legitimacy to bet everything on that, even though there have fatal risks. And only Nuclear Reaction is authorized only one method that can exceed “Law of conservation of Energy” and realize infinite energy source. And that is why every country expending huge costs of the development to gather world widely elite technical expert groups to develop. However, the fact that an amateur just an entrepreneur who is neither a scientist nor a PhD holder was able to create an amplification technique that is far superior to that by using a founded very primitive and simple method is completely unacceptable. Furthermore, that structure is extremely simple and very easy to practical use into the industrial market. Such those things never ever be acceptable for the regarding investors and scientists who is deeply involved nuclear and ranked high at regarding authorities. But the Gravity Wave Engine’s real movement and the principle is not deniable elements at all because they are already established on the “Law of Nature”.  

Therefore, there may be inevitable a lot of antipathy in emotional against this new technology and that could be the greatest issue

Regardless of whether CO2 is the culprit, the reality is that abnormal weather and large-scale natural disasters have been occurring frequently around the world in recent years, as well as economic collapse, conflicts, and wars. The reality is that using any kinds of nuclear it self is increasing their deadly risks, and the collapse of human society whole world, could occur at any time. The existence of this option that has the potential to overcome this (technological possibility) shall be aware of in the general public should be aware of including the evaluation of this technology. And we made announce so that public aware of this.

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