Portable vegetable producing system
Anyone, anywhere, easy and simple

Harvest safe and healthy vegetables

A revolution in Food Production

SoBiC portable farming offers the most effective food production method, that saves on money and more so, the rapidly deplteing natural resources such as water.

A suitable choice for utmost safety and security
Safety is apprehended differently in each individual

SoBiC enables consumers to wash away their worries by selecting "safety" based on their situations and values.

 Vertically integrated platform
Thriving industry with vertically integrated service


  High-adaptability to environment
Expanding possible site and period for cultivation

Realize both industry vitalization and environment preservation
Solve serious issues with an easy mechanism 

Completely no waste of water
save the most precious resource on Earth

Water is the most essential resource for human existence.
Today, water resource is in danger of exhaustion.
70% of water is used for agriculture.
If we do not save it, the human society as we know it, will collapse.

Because SoBiC is a perfectly independent natural cycle system,
it does not waste water.
With minimum water, you get the maximum result.

Not only Saving, but also Creating.
It generates energy

Deliver the "richness" with natural blessings
Our pursuit of richness without damaging nature

Applicable to many kinds of plants
Fundamental system for vitalizing natural ecosystem

By adjusting volume-balance, capacity, and form of the unit,
it is possible to develop many other crops than just vegetables.
Moreover, with the fusion of high-technology with this fundamental system,
we can definitely look forward for more innovations to come

  A virtuous cycle for improving social environment
The mass production, refining, and spreading of SoBiC will result to a positive growth cycle.

Easy and effective choice, available for anyone 
For solving serious global issues

For individuals, SoBiC will become your new beneficial choice for a healthy rich lifestyle.
For companies, food-production is a chance to 
get involved in the growing industry, and SoBiC will be
the best choice with literally no risk and no need for stocks.
For industries, SoBiC is the best choice realizing an affluent society, without damaging natural environment and losing its convenience. 
Anyone can improve the world environment anywhere 
with an easy and simple way.