Deliver natural freshness right to your home
New chance to get healthy food in a simple way.

Retail business for households
Wholesale business for volume seller
Product developing, Contents planning, Selling business

Creating a society cooperating with nature
Promotion of urban agriculture・urban greening

Presenting・planning・developing・promoting business for urban agriculture
System developing・planning・selling business for greening policies

Improve social welfare・Provide practical teaching material
Foster a greener environment・Study the mystery of life

Planning・developing・selling・rental business with supporting companies.

Research & development project
For innovation & diversity

Launching research & development project to widely adapt SoBiC in quantity and quality
System structure development for large-scale production Provision of the system
Development of integrated system with IOT/high-tech system
Development of microorganism materials
Provision of test kits for fertilizer and microorganism materials

Global strategy
World-scale social contribution from Japan

System license sales
Globally contributing in supporting projects such as food/environment
SoBiC is an extremely unique solution and product which produces new "richness" to human society cooperating with nature and saving resources.
As long as human society exists, there will be infinite needs.
From now on, we are going to create a variety of products and service models based on SoBiC. Then we would like to join hands with enterprises who will be willing to cooperate with us, and meet each others needs.
We welcome questions or contacts from business of every type.
If you are interested, please contact us.