Complete electric-free,
Automatic vegetable producing system "SoBiC"

Leave all the care to SoBiC ?
NO need to prepare soil
NO need for watering
NO need to add fertilizer
NO need to pull out weed
NO electricity required
・Grows incredibly well
・Produces fresh and crisp
・Safe, clean, and all-natural
・Fun to watch it grow!
・Easy to use
・Strong to bad weather/climate

All you need is to set water and a capsule.
And then the vegetables will grow by themselves.

This is the world's first system that creates an ideal automated producing system based on the natural ecosystem.

Water will naturally circulate through soil using the pressure of air expansion and contraction caused by solar heat.
The natural water cycle activates very effective bio cycle in the natural culture medium, brings natural purification and eutrophication and creates optimal condition for plants growing spontaneously at same time.

You get to safely choose the food you eat.
SoBiC introduces you to a new healthy lifestyle.

Organic food is not "safe" just because it is organic. They include a lot of ingredients that can harm human body.
The purity of chemical fertilizer is scientifically adjusted, and it does not cause harm if we use it appropriately. Therefore it cannot be stated unconditionally that chemical fertilizer is against to organic cultivation just because it is chemical.
It's best not to use agricultural chemicals, yet it leaves the plant under risks of diseases or pests.
Safety standards differ in each country or region, either legally or culturally. Thus, real safety cannot be guaranteed by those distinctive measures.
With the power of nature, SoBiC grows vegetables using 'capsule soil', which includes an appropriate mix of fertilizer (mainly organic fertilizer). This enables the vegetables to develop closest to a natural cultivation. It depends on you whether you use other fertilizer or agricultural chemical.

Automatic Producing System with "mobility"
As long as it's placed under the sun, it can be used by anyone, anywhere, and plus it's simple

No need for cultivation skill or knowledge.
No need for physical strength.
No need to spare time to care.
No need for facilities or agricultural land.
No need for funds.

Just a place under the sun
Easy to start with one unit
Add the units according to the circumstance
Possible for unlimited expansion of units!
SoBiC is an ultimate eco-solution that enriches human lifestyle cooperating with nature.

News & Topics
2017/01/18 Publication of new power system:"Organic Engine"
2016/06/29 Start to sell "SoBiC Premium handmade model"on Makuake(crowdfunding)
2016/06/01 Moved head office to Bunkyo-ku Sekiguchi
2016/03/18 Foundation of NATUREDYNE INC.